Keep your computer optimal by cleaning it regularly

Remember how fast and efficient your PC was when you first bought it? Would you like it to be that way again?

The fact is that over time our computers get clogged up with all sorts of unwelcome gunk. The hardware gradually accumulates dust, hair and other tiny foreign particles which clog up the fans and drives. In a sense, a computer's databanks also get clogged up eventually. Every time a PC is turned on, every time a program is run, every time an email is received or a file saved, the bits and bytes build up on the computer's hard drive, filling it with both necessary and unnecessary files.

The key to keeping your PC running like new is to regularly deal with the buildup of both physical and virtual baggage by giving your computer a good clean once in a while. How often this needs to be done can depend on your living conditions (ie. do you smoke?, do you have pets that shed hair?, etc) and also depends on how much you use your computer and what you use it for.

Cleaning the hardware of your PC is relatively easy, although it is important to remember that great care should always be taken with the handling of certain parts such as the hard drive. Giving your computer a clean on the inside is a different story, but still fairly easy to do. If you know how, you could always clean up your data manually, but if this idea seems a bit daunting or time consuming, the quickest way to get one step closer to a clean computer is to use one or more software programs designed for this task. Windows provides PC users with ready-made tools that can help with the process of defragmenting and cleaning up certain types of files. Specialized programs can also be obtained to help clean up those types of files that Windows is not designed to handle.

If you conduct a PC cleanup on a regular basis, you can be fairly certain your computer will continue to run quickly and optimally.