Speed up your computer and prolong its lifespan with a regular cleanup

It is probably safe to say that a lot of home computer users turn their PC's on and off everyday without giving a lot of thought to the main thing that can keep the machine performing well in the short and long term.

A clean computer should be high on the list of priorities of any home PC user. Keeping a computer clean, inside and out, can play a large part in ensuring the machine remains speedy and efficient. Computer cleanliness also goes a long way toward prolonging the lifespan of the PC.

Dust and other household particles can quickly clog up the hardware on your PC, particularly the fans and hard drive. It is important to have the machine pulled apart once in a while to clean these foreign objects to ensure they never build up too much on the comuter's vital bits and pieces. This can particularly be the case in households that have pets.

Having a clean computer also depends on regularly maintaining the data on the PC's hard drive. Files accumulate on the disk over time, and in its own way, this data can clog up the computer just as much as dust and pet hair. Your regular computer clean up routine should include things such as emptying the recycle bin, deleting outdated emails and documents, clearing internet history and cookies, removing unused programs, and deleting temp files.