Clean your hard drive and bring it closer to its original state

Remember when your PC was new and the innards of the disk were clean and orderly? Just a brand new drive with a fresh install of a Windows platform and a few software basics - no outdated emails, no build up of documents and other files, no unused programs sitting on the hard drive taking up valuable real estate. Well the truth is that, short of doing a complete reformat, your computer's drive will never be that clean again. It is possible, however, to reach a state of cleanliness that is not too far off.

To give your hard drive a good clean up, simply target all those areas where files tend to become obsolete very quickly. For example, empty the recycle bin, delete all outdated emails, remove temporary files, uninstall programs you no longer use, clean up your registry, clear out your internet history and cookies, and delete unwanted and unnecessary document files.

If this sounds like a big and cumbersome task, you could be right. How long the hard drive has been in use and how much you have used it during that time will determine how much of a build up of superfluous data might be contained there. It stands to reason that if you want a clean hard drive but do not have the time or the expertise to clean up manually, one or more software tools should be used to assist with the task.

Various software tools are available that can help you quickly and easily clean your hard disk of all unnecessary data, bringing your computer closer to its original state, and thereby improving its performance and lifespan.