This document outlines the key issues to be considered when creating an Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP), and goes on to suggest some other sources of information. What it does not provide is a ready-made AUP for your business, because it is advisable that each organization sets aside time to develop its own specific policy.

This will ensure that users have the opportunity to talk through some of the issues surrounding the internet in your organization, and will allow you to involve your users if you choose, thus ensuring that the policy reflects the local situation and is understood and accepted by everyone concerned.

Who should be involved in drawing up an AUP? In some ways, the more people involved, the better, as the process of drawing up an AUP is in itself beneficial and educational and will give all those involved a sense of "ownership". So you could consider including center management, paid and volunteer staff, and center users.

1. Consider holding an open evening or open discussion involving interested parties.
2. Set out what behaviour is reasonable and unreasonable and determine procedures for dealing with
    abusers of the policy.
3. Finally, agree on a framework for review and eventual implementation. Because usage and
    technology may change over time, you need to be flexible and change the policy when it is required.